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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Simple Sokomind

This is the start of the Simple Sokomind logic puzzles blog. These free logic puzzles for Windows, created by Gerald Holler, are a great delight. I used the built-in puzzle editor to create about 40 puzzles that are simplified -- which make the puzzles more accessible to elementary school students and others who are new to puzzle solving.

This 6-minute combo screencast video explains about these logic puzzles. The file size of the video is about 90 megabytes. I created this video using Camtasia Studio (on Windows) and QuickTime Pro (on my G3 iBook.)

The SokoMind logic puzzles run under Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. This software would be very nice to install on refurbished computers. Note - when running SokoMind under Windows 2000, you will not be able to quit (exit) the software without pressing Control-Alt-Delete.

If you have comments or useful tips to include on this blog, kindly send them to me via email with the subject Simple Sokomind. Phil Shapiro,

A related project I've been working on is a blog and combo screencast video of the Number Squares logic puzzles I designed for Apple II computers back in 1989.

And here are some thoughts of mine on Designing Educational Software..